Bad news Sleepyheads, Fox has canceled “Sleepy Hollow” after four seasons. TVLine first reported the news.

The network’s decision to axe the supernatural drama does not come as a total surprise since the series was struggling creatively and in terms of ratings. The show was a breakout hit when it premiered in 2013. Stars Tom Mison, who played revolutionary war soldier and Captain Ichabod Crane, and Nicole Beharie, who played cop Abbie Mills, became quite popular.

However, in seasons 2 and 3, ratings steadily declined. “Sleepy Hollow” lost even more fans when Beharie exited the Fox series in the Season 3 finale.

The show’s writers attempted to reboot “Sleepy Hollow” in Season 4 by introducing new characters, a new villain and moving the setting from the titular town to Washington, D.C. Hence, the Season 4 cast saw the addition of Janina Gavankar, who played Homeland Security Agent Diana Thomas, Oona Yaffe, as her daughter Molly, Jerry MacKinnon as Jake Wells, Rachel Melvin as engineer Alex Norwood and Jeremy Davies as villain Malcolm Dreyfuss.

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In fact, only Mison and Lyndie Greenwood, who played Abbie’s sister Jenny Mills, were the only two cast members from the freshman season to appear in Season 4.

Unfortunately, the reboot failed to improve numbers. Season 4, after factoring the DVR ratings, only managed to secure 3.3 million viewers and a 0.9 rating, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Clifton Campbell, who is the showrunner of “Sleepy Hollow,” thanked the cast and crew of the show on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Albert Kim, who served as the executive producer and showrunner of the supernatural series, apologized to fans who didn’t like the direction it took in recent seasons.

Melvin also thanked fans and Fox for being a part of an incredible show. Gavankar also expressed her gratitude to fans and the cast and crew of “Sleepy Hollow.”

The series followed the life of Ichabod Crane, a captain in the revolutionary war who was magically put to sleep and resurrected two and a half centuries later in modern day Sleepy Hollow. He befriended policewoman Abbie Mills while hunting the Headless Horseman who was responsible for multiple decapitations, including the death of her mentor.

Soon, Crane and Abbie discover that they are witnesses and must work as partners to fight monsters, demons, witches and other supernatural creatures.

In Season 4, following Abbie’s tragic demise in order to stop The Hidden On (Peter Mensah) from taking over the world, Ichabod relocates to the capital and meets another witness: A girl named Molly who also happens to be a Homeland Security Agent’s daughter.

This is the second show cancelled by Fox. Earlier, “Rosewood” was axed after two seasons and we’re still waiting for the fates of bubble dramas “APB,” “The Exorcist” and “Scream Queens.” The future of “24: Legacy” will be decided after the network’s upfront presentation which will take place next week.

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