Sleepy Hollow season 2 spoilers
Can you believe "Sleepy Hollow" is doing THIS to its Headless Horseman? Fox/Sleepy Hollow

You can be forgiven for assuming that the Headless Horseman of the hit Fox series “Sleepy Hollow” is supposed lack a head. However, screenwriter Alex Kurtzman is willing to overturn centuries of tradition by putting a face to the creature we've all come to know and fear -- and his name is Neil Jackson.

Jackson is a British actor who appeared in several films, including “Quantum of Solace,” “Alexander” and “Push.” But you may remember him best from his debut in Season 1 of the "Sleepy Hollow." Jackson took on the role of Abraham Von Brunt (aka Headless) in episode 7 of the freshman season and will reprise his role in the upcoming season, in which he'll be a frequently recurring character.

Don’t remember him? We’ll give you a quick refresher on who he is: Abraham Van Brunt is an undead man who sold his soul to Moloch after being killed by the Shadow Warriors. Prior to his death, he and Ichabod had a falling out after Katrina revealed she was in love with Crane rather than Ichabod. That sparked Abraham’s animosity toward Ichabod. When Abraham finally returned as the soulless creature, he attacked Ichabod. However, Ichabod sliced off his head in self-defense, which is how he got his name as the Headless Horseman.

But Abraham doesn’t look too headless in Season 2, or at least, that’s what Jackson’s Twitter suggests.

“Hair for headless :),” the actor tweeted with a photo of himself with locks that were hip in the 18th century. Seriously, those curls are doing wonders for him!

And while we chuckle at the thought of the Headless Horseman having a face, other fans are not so pleased. They claim that giving Headless a head defeats the purpose of his role and also takes away the character’s mystique.

But we think a little background information will give Headless some depth! And hopefully, from Jackson’s teasing pictures, we’ll only get to see his head attached to his body in “Sleepy Hollow” flashbacks.

What do you think? Do you want to see the Headless Horseman with a head? Take the poll below and let us know how you feel!