A video of a biker screaming after noticing a green snake entangled around the handle of his motorbike has gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred on May 3 in Uthai Thani province in lower northern Thailand. In the video, the man is seen riding the bike with one hand while the green snake remained on the handle. The man, who has not been identified, manages to stop the bike. He then climbs down his vehicle and continues to film the snake. The video was later shared on YouTube on May 7 by Viral Hog.

"A snake came out of nowhere," the video, which received thousands of views, was captioned.

The species of the snake has not been revealed and it was not known if it was venomous. It also remains unclear what happened to the snake and how the biker managed to complete his journey.

This is not the first time a snake tried to hitchhike. In April, a video was shared showing a huge python slithering into the fuel tank of a man's pickup truck. The incident took place on March 30 when Sangwan Rachawong parked his pickup truck near a bush. He went to water his sugarcane field and on his return, he found a nearly 7-foot-long python near the car’s engine. The man tried to remove the snake using a stick but the reptile quickly pushed its way inside the engine of the car and slithered into the fuel tank, reports said at the time. Rachawong then informed rescuers, who arrived at the scene to remove the snake.

“This snake gave the rescuers a difficult job. I think it was looking for a safe spot to make a nest and found my car a comfortable space,” the farmer was quoted as saying by Newsflare. It took more than an hour to remove the snake. According to Newsflare, the rescuers used their hands to get the snake out as the fuel filler hole was too narrow.

Snake encounters are common in Thailand and the country has more than 200 snake species. Nearly three dozen of these snakes' species are believed to be venomous.

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