A Thai farmer had the shock of his life after he spotted a huge python slithering into the fuel tank of his pickup truck.

A video showing the removal of the snake went viral on social media this weekend. The incident took place on March 30 when Sangwan Rachawong parked his pickup truck near a bush and went to water his sugarcane field.

When he returned, he noticed a nearly 7-foot-long python near the car’s engine. He shut the door of the car and opened the vehicle's hood thinking the reptile would move away.

When it did not slither away, Rachawong used a stick to try and pull it out. However, the reptile quickly pushed its way inside the engine of the car and slithered into the fuel tank, the Indian Express reported.

When the 50-year-old could no longer see the snake, he called animal rescuers for help. The team took more than an hour to remove the snake. According to Newsflare, the rescuers had to use their hands to get the snake out as the fuel filler hole was too narrow.

A video was shared on YouTube showing the rescuers holding the mouth of the reptile as they pulled the python out from a small opening. Two police officers were also seen in the video monitoring the situation.

“This snake gave the rescuers a difficult job. I think it was looking for a safe spot to make a nest and found my car a comfortable space,” the farmer was quoted as saying by Newsflare.

The reptile was secured inside a sack and later released into the wild. 

In January, a woman in England was terrified when she came across a snake slithering out of a vent in her kitchen. The woman was cooking dinner when she saw the snake hanging near the wall. Haylie McGregor from Coventry "freaked out" and rushed to call her boyfriend Rob who was at home at the time. "I was just dishing up dinner. I looked up and a snake was hanging out of a kitchen vent in the wall," she told Coventry Live at the time. "I went and told Rob 'there's a snake in the kitchen! Please go and check to make sure I'm not seeing things." A team from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals arrived at the scene and removed the snake.

python Representational image Photo: ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images