A homeowner was left shocked after finding a python strangling a rat inside her toilet. The incident took place in Cairns, Australia, on Saturday.

Janna Engler woke up early and entered her bathroom only to find the reptile and two rats inside her toilet. While the python was attacking and strangling one of the rodents, the other ran to safety.

Speaking to nine.com.au, Engler said, “I just stared at it for a while, I was so confused, and I just thought 'what on earth?'"

She immediately rushed to her son’s room to inform about the discovery.

"I went into his room and said, 'DJ there's a snake in our toilet.’ He usually hates being woken up so early, but this time was obviously different. He was fascinated by it because you could really see the snake eating the rat, it was right in front of us and it didn't seem to mind us watching,” she said.

She then closed the bathroom doors and blocked all gaps with a towel before leaving for work. However, when she returned home, she found the rat dead inside the toilet bowl. The snake was, however, nowhere to be seen. Engler immediately contacted a snake catcher who arrived at the scene but was unable to find the reptile. He told Engler the reptile must have traveled down through the water pipes.

The following day, Engler found a snake outside her property and she believes it to be the same python.

"I texted my landlord and asked him if this is normal because I have never seen anything like that before," she said.

This is a representational image showing a woma python from Australia during the annual animal inventory at Zoo Berlin zoo in Berlin, Dec. 12, 2012. Getty Images/Sean Gallup