Blackpink’s Jisoo shared some snaps from the set of the controversial drama “Snowdrop,” including photos of her co-stars amid mounting criticism of the show.

The 27-year-old singer and dancer took to her Instagram page Thursday and uploaded photos of the cast in their 80s themed clothing. The gallery also included her photo with the show's leading man, Jung Hae-In, in what appears to be the university dorm where her character Young Ro lives.

Jisoo captioned her photo, "Open house day," as translated by Koreaboo.

On Wednesday, Jisoo and Jung also delighted their fans by sharing photos taken by each other while on the set of “Snowdrop.” Seemingly oblivious to the mounting criticism against the show, Jisoo and Jung posed happily under a cherry blossom tree. Their posts received millions of likes from their supporters.

Jisoo credited Jung in the caption of her post. Jung uploaded a close-up photo and another photo of him standing in front of the cherry blossom tree. He also tagged Jisoo in the caption.

The topic “Haesoo” trended on Twitter on Thursday as fans gushed over the pair’s chemistry. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that the two stars liked each other’s posts on their Instagram pages.

“Haesoo Lovestagram Era Here We goooo,” user @thejunghaein said while sharing photos of the pair on Twitter.

“I won't be surprised anymore if these two are suddenly reported dating,” another fan commented.

On Monday, a group of professors and Korean History scholars from the U.S. and South Korea requested Walt Disney‘s Asia Pacific President, Luke Kang, to hire Korean history experts to study the historical references of the show as it is being shown to an international audience who are unfamiliar with the nation’s modern history.

"We are not writing to request that you stop streaming the show," the experts from various institutes in the U.S. and in South Korea stated in the letter. "Rather, we write to request that your company seek experts - there are many, well-qualified modern Korean history experts in Korea and all over the world - to carefully examine the historical references made in the show, and consider for yourselves the way those historical references are used."

Prior to this, various signature campaigns were launched in South Korea as many citizens called for the cancelation of the drama amid accusations of distortion of history and glorifying the Agency for National Security Planning (ANSP), a defunct government agency known for acts of torture and murder.

Many of the drama’s advertisers have pulled out their sponsorships as a result of the protests.

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18. Jisoo is a one-man band - As if her vocal prowess isn’t impressive enough, Jisoo can also play the drums and the piano. This makes it almost natural for her to be composing songs. Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for KING