sons of anarchy season 7 spoilers
Jax (Charlie Hunnam) learned the truth about who killed Tara in Season 7, episode 12, of "Sons of Anarchy." FX

The blood-soaked cat is finally out of the bag. During Season 7, episode 12, of “Sons of Anarchy,” Jax (Charlie Hunnam) paid Juice (Theo Rossi) a visit in Stockton prison and learned the whole, horrible truth about what really happened the night Tara (Maggie Siff) died.

What led the SAMCRO leader to Juice was his suspicion over his former brother’s relationship with Gemma (Katey Sagal). Why would Juice run to his mother for protection from the club? And as Jax found out, it was because Gemma needed Juice just as much as he needed her.

But that wasn’t the only reason Jax wanted a face-to-face with his treacherous brother. Jax also learned that the man Gemma pinned Tara’s murder on wasn’t even in the state when Tara was killed. Not to mention, Abel had asked his father (after Jax revealed that Wendy [Drea de Matteo] was his mother) if his grandmother killed Tara to make room for his other mommy. It was a revelation that has been eating Jax up inside.

Maybe it was guilt, or maybe Juice thought that for telling the truth Jax would somehow allow him back into the club -- Juice began to retell what happened the night of Tara’s death in one of the most gripping scenes ever in “Sons of Anarchy.” Hanging on Juice’s every word, Jax shook with anger as the prisoner confirmed it was his mother who stabbed his wife to death with a carving fork.

Juice then explained that he helped Gemma cover up the entire murder, from killing Eli (who almost called in Tara’s death) to pinning it on Lin (Kenneth Choi) and his men. After Juice’s confession, Jax revealed that the damage of Juice and Gemma’s lies led to Bobby's (Mark Boone Junior) death. In retaliation for the Sons going after Lin (for what happened to Tara), August Marks (Billy Brown) had Bobby’s eye gouged out, fingers cut and shot him in the head. Juice started to say he was sorry, tears streaming down his cheeks, when Jax cut him off.

“Thank you for telling me the truth,” he said to his once-hopeful brother before sealing his fate. “I’ll make sure it’s quick.”

Jax spent the rest of episode 12 attempting to hunt down Gemma to confront her. But his mother is quick as she is menacing, and fled Charming before Jax or his brothers had a chance to retrieve her. As Gemma drove far, far away from her home, Jax had a heart-to-heart moment with his mother’s lover. Jax showed Nero (Jimmy Smits) just how tormented he was with how he’s supposed to handle what happened.

Part of Jax wants to see his mother dead for killing Tara, which is when Nero stepped in to say that to murder Gemma would be a "wound that’s too deep to heal."

"That’s going to swallow you up," Nero warned him. "That’s going to destroy you, man."

Jax loves his mother even after what happened, which is what makes the situation so heartbreaking.

“How could she do this to Tara?” Jax attempted to wrap his head around the situation as he buried his teary eyes into Nero. “How could she do this?”

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