“'Sons' has been such a big part of my life, as well as my father’s,” Manson began. “So I was determined to make him proud by being involved in what will probably be remembered as the most amazing piece of television cinema. After all, the very heart of ‘SOA’ is about that relationship. So, now all I need is a motorcycle.”

Shortly after Manson’s statement, Sutter welcomed “The Beautiful People” singer to his leather-wearing family through Twitter:

We know, we know. The anticipation over what role Manson will play in the final season of “SoA” is probably killing you. So, here it is! He will be Ron Tully, a white supremacist. Yep, you heard that right! Ron is said to be a “prison shot-caller who Jax uses to expand his power base.” We can’t be the only one’s dying to see how this plays out, right?

For those of you who are a bit skeptical of Manson being cast, let us ease your minds – he’s actually no stranger when it comes to the big and small screen. In 1999 Manson played The Stranger in the teen drama “Jawbreaker,” then in 2003 Manson played the character Christina in “Party Monster.” And how could we forget the singer’s appearances in “Eastbound & Down” (2013) and “Once Upon a Time” (2013)?

Nevertheless, despite all the thumbs-ups he might have received a part of us still remains cynical after Manson’s “Talking Dead” debacle in October. After episode 3 of Season 4 aired, Chris Hardwick, accompanied by Manson and Jack Osborne, discussed and analyzed the chilling episode – or at least, that’s what they were supposed to do. Manson went off rambling a slew of incoherent and inappropriate thoughts. But hey, perhaps that’s what drew Sutter in to casting the wild card! The “Sons of Anarchy” showrunner has a bit of a rebellious side himself. Remember when he told the FX president to go “f---“ himself?

We’re not going to lie, we’re pretty excited to see what Sutter and Manson have in store for Season 7 of “SoA.” Are you?

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