Sony gave fans around the world a sneak peek at a slightly edgy Spidey in the rebooted webslinger franchise during simultaneous events at 13 cities on Monday.

Cast and filmmakers assembled via satellite in Los Angeles, New York, Rio de Janeiro and London to introduce a new 3D trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. The trailer itself will not become available to general public until Tuesday. The movie doesn't hit theaters until July 3.

Hundreds lined up outside the AMC Theaters in Century City to get into the preview, where director Marc Webb explained that he wanted explore the untold story of the webslinger.

There are a lot of things from the Spider-Man canon, he said. This starts off with Peter Parker and his parents, he said, continuing that audiences haven't seen the main character with his parents in the past.

He said the new movie will look at the emotional consequence of what it means to be an orphan, and noted that we wanted to treat Peter Parker in a more realistic, naturalistic way.

While Webb addressed nearly 300 people who packed a single theater in Los Angeles, Andrew Garfield, who stars as Spider-Man, spoke in New York, Rhys Ifans, who plays the Lizard, spoke in London and Emma Stone and the producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach in Rio. Fans also gathered in Mexico City, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney to see the presentation and footage.

Garfield acknowledged it was intimidating to play the iconic character - especially surrounded by fans.

Why, he was asked, do you want to be Spider-Man?

Because I'm not an idiot, he joked.

He explained that nearly every young actor in Hollywood coveted the role, and said that he feels lucky to inhabit it for a while.

Next time, hopefully, it'll be a half-Hispanic, half African-American actor, he said to cheers.

Stone, who plays the love interest Gwen Stacy, said her character is about as different from Mary Jane as can be.

Gwen falls in love with Peter Parker, she said, I think Mary Jane kind of falls in love with Spider-Man.

By 11:15 a.m., well more than 500 people were in line to attend the sneak peek. Sony gave a second presentation to some of the fans that didn't make it into the first Century City screening.

Audiences saw Peter Parker getting beaten up for refusing to photograph a high school classmate whom some bullies were harassing. And it showed Spider-Man being a little sarcastic.

At one point, he sits in the back of a car that a thief is trying to steal, and advises the man not to dress like a car thief when stealing a car.

The thief inquired if he was a cop.

You seriously think I'm a cop? In a skin-tight red-and-blue suit?

The new trailer will be available online Tuesday at Midnight PT. The trailer debuts in theaters this weekend.