Now that Google has officially launched Android 9.0 Pie, third-party smartphone makers are catching up with the release by confirming which of their existing handsets are getting the update. Sony is the latest company to announce the list of its phones that will receive the update very soon.

Sony recently revealed that most of its newer handsets will be updated to Android 9.0. The list includes the Xperia XZ2, Xperia XZ2 Compact, Xperia XZ2 Premium, Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact and Xperia XZ Premium, as first reported by GizChina.

Aside from providing which of its phones will be getting the Pie update, Sony also disclosed when users can expect to receive the update notifications. According to the Japanese company, all six models will be updated from September to November of this year.

Sony is the first company to give a specific timeline for the Android 9.0 Pie rollout to its handsets. And this is not that surprising, knowing that the XZ lineup was part of the Android P beta testing program, as per Android Authority.

When HTC announced via Twitter which of its devices are getting the latest software update from Google, it only came up with the list of phones comprising the HTC U12+, U11+, U11 and U11 life. It did not provide its timeline for the rollout.

Many other OEMs are expected to make announcements soon. Huawei is one of them. The Chinese company has already commenced internal testing of Android 9 for four of its phones, namely: the Mate 10 Pro, P20, Honor 10 and Honor V10.

OnePlus, Vivo and Oppo have also expressed their assurance that Android 9.0 Pie is coming to their phones. However, they only gave vague timelines like “in Q4 2018” or “by the end of the year.”

When Google introduced Android 9.0 Pie, it highlighted two major upgrades that come with it. The first one is support for display notches, giving developers the means to optimize the notification bar. The second one is the update’s positive effect on system performance. Android 9.0 is said to make app launches very instantaneous.