It seems travel industry’s latest buzz – Space tourism – is vying for every country’s attention. Now, a travel agency in Kerala, the southern state of India, is gearing up on a plan to send children to the space, according to media reports.

In the first step, Kerala Travels plans to send 30 children in the age groups 12 to 18 years, who will be selected from across the country,

'This is the first stage of space tourism where 30 children would be sent to a “space camp at the Singapore Space Centre (SSC) where they would be given a thorough understanding of space by experts from NASA,” K.C. Chandrahasan, managing director of Kerala Travels, told media.

He said, children’s visit to Singapore Space Centre would be followed “next stages that are being planned,” IANS reported.

As per Kerala Travels’ plan, the selected children will be sent to Singapore Space Centre on April 27 this year.

Ttwo natural assets – Ayurveda and the backwaters, unique to Kerala, have given a classic status to the state’s tourism. While Kerala, also called God’s own country, enjoys the status of one of the best tourist destinations in Asia bagged with prized natural beauties, Nilgiri hills, waterfalls and more, the tour agency’s initiative in space tourism could fetch more popularity to the state.

However, commenting on Kerala’s image as an “expensive destination” Chandrahasan feels the state should value “value for money” to increase arrivals year over year.

“Today the world tourist is one who wants the best value for his dollar and the need of the hour for those into tourism business in the state is that they should first know Kerala,” he said.