While many people are excited about the recent casting announcement for Marvel Studio’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot, one person that should be upset just plain isn’t. Actor Charlie Rowe, who was reportedly the runner-up for the role, shared his thoughts on the news on social media.

Marvel revealed on Tuesday that it had found its newest Peter Parker in 19-year-old British actor Tom Holland. While the young actor seems like a fantastic fit to play the wall-crawler in 2017 (possibly 2016, according to ComicBook.com), his casting was anything but a foregone conclusion. As previously reported, Marvel and Sony’s joint Spider-Man partnership was tossing around two key actors for the role in recent weeks and reportedly having a very difficult time deciding between them. The first was Holland and the second was Charlie Rowe, another young British face that would have been well-suited to play Spidey.

Now that Holland is confirmed as the new Spider-Man, CinemaBlend was the first to notice Rowe finally breaking his silence about the entire casting process on his Twitter account Tuesday. The actor posted a sweet congratulations to his “mate” Holland, along with a very funny picture of his own qualifications to play Spider-Man.

While Rowe is likely very disappointed that the studio ended up choosing Holland over him to play the iconic hero, he seems to be taking his defeat in stride. He even managed to sneak in a concession to his opponent.

It’s unclear at this time exactly when Spider-Man fans will finally see Holland portray the character on the big screen. Spider-Man will have his very own Sony-produced movie in 2017, but Marvel plans to feature him in a Phase 3 movie before then, more than likely “Captain America: Civil War,” but that’s yet to be confirmed.

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