Spray That Makes You Drunk, WA|HH Quantum Sensations, Coming To Stores In Europe Soon

French American scientist and spray innovator David Edwards, recently unveiled his newest creation, an alcoholic spray that instantly gets the user drunk and wears off completely in just a few moments.

Sounds great, where can I get one? Well the good news is that spray, WA|HH Quantum Sensations, will be on sale in Europe soon. The bad news is that there is no set release date for this miracle product in America.

The spray was shown to the public for the first time during a recent exhibition in Paris. The short term effects are due to a dosage of 0.075 milliliters, according to reports. That means it would take 1000 sprays to equal the amount of alcohol in one regular drink.

The spray is delivered through a designer device created by Philippe Stark, and each bottle will sell for around $26.

According to Gizmodo, not only does the sensation of inebriation wear off within moments, but someone who had used the spray earlier would pass a breathalyzer test with flying colors, proving that they are no longer under the influence.

I've got just one question: what does it taste like?

David Edwards has made a bit of a name for himself inventing creative sprays, including those that all you too taste various drinks and foods like coffee and chocolate, without consuming any calories. His previous inventions have sold over 400,000 units.

The product has seemingly endless applications, from sneaking in a quick drink at lunch for today's workaholic work force, to giving oneself a quick injection of 'liquid courage before approaching a stranger at a bar or party. If the product ever makes it to America's shores it will surely mean an epidemic of spray overdoses at colleges across the country.

Inventing a decice that will make you instantly SOBER would garner much more interest, I'm sure wrote John Brugliera in the comments section of an article covering the alcoholic spray.

Alcohol enthusiasts the world over reacted to the new product with excitement, taking to Twitter to voice their desire to try the spray.

Get pissed quick, hangover free, tweeted Henry Griffin of London. I want a go.

WAHH Quantum Sensations Alcohol Spray gives you the shortest buzz of your life, tweeted Tech Log from California.

Yo quiero un [I want a] wahh quantum sensattions, tweeted Andrea Munoz from Ecuador.

Wahh Quantum Sensations : être bourré sans boire [get drunk without drinking], tweeted Le Journal du Geek from Paris.