Square Enix, the Japanese video game developer known for producing blockbuster titles such as “Final Fantasy,” “Kingdom Hearts” and “Dragon Quest” will open a theme park in Tokyo Tower next year.

“Ninja Tower Tokyo” will be Square Enix's first large-scale theme park, according to Kotaku. It will, among others, feature state-of-the-art ninja attractions and is expected to run at around 90 minutes.

The location is only fitting considering that Tokyo, which was once known as Edo, had a village of ninjas that served as guardians of the shogun's mausoleum, said Square Enix's Live Interactive Works.

Square Enix
Square Enix has delayed the release of “Kingdom Hearts 3” to early 2019. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Kotaku added that the Live Interactive Works division was created to spearhead the company's “digital projects” which include parks, shopping malls and event-type spaces.

They also indulged guests with two of its novel projects during the Leisure Japan Theme Park Expo. Although the projects are considered to be standalone, it gave a sense of what's to come and what could be expected by the time “Ninja Tower Tokyo” opens in 2020.

One of the projects is “Crystal Story”, and RPG-like experience where players explore “an enclosed booth with a lantern.” They will use the lamp to listen to the story that will serve as their guide on where to go next.

“Crystal Story” is the first in Square Enix's “night walk series,” said Kotaku.

There is also “Yokero” where players have to jump onto digitally projected floor panels. Square Enix also has other kid-friendly games and plans to install them in different theme parks in Japan.