Stana Katic will play the role of Emily Byrne in “Absentia.” The people behind the series are already close to securing a deal with a TV network in the United States. Sony Pictures

Stana Katic’s upcoming series, “Absentia,” will soon close a deal with a network in the United States.

According to TV Line, Sony Pictures Television Networks’ AXN has announced that they have stopped scouting for a home network for the drama. On the show’s official Twitter account, the hashtag “Absentia is coming” was also used to hint that a deal may have already been made with one network.

Prior to the upcoming announcement, the people behind “Absentia” first treated fans with a new trailer.

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In the one-minute clip, more details about FBI agent Emily Byrne’s (Katic) fate were teased. The teaser opens with Conrad Harlow being convicted for the murder of Special Agent Byrne. The lead character’s husband, Nick (Patrick Heusinger), is in the courtroom listening to the judge’s declaration. In the next scene, Nick receives a call from an unnamed character who informs him that Emily is still alive. However, years have passed and Nick has already moved on with another woman.

Nick tracks Emily down and discovers that while she has been trapped inside a glass box filled with water, she is indeed alive. Nick brings her back to his home, but everything has changed since their son no longer recognizes her. “Absentia” will primarily revolve around Nick trying to make sense of what happened to his wife, as well as finding the person responsible for kidnapping her.

Meanwhile, the production for “Absentia” has already wrapped up. All 10 episodes were filmed by Katic and her co-stars within a span of 62 days. Last month, there were initial rumors suggesting that “Absentia” will be released under Sony’s streaming service, Crackle, but this was later on debunked since discussions were still ongoing at that time.

In October 2016, “Absentia” received a straight to series order from Sony Pictures Television Networks’ AXN. The series was also showcased at the 57th Monte Carlo Television Festival in May. CEO Laurent Puons released a statement expressing his excitement over the casting for “Absentia” while at the festival. “With its acclaimed cast and crew, alongside its intriguing premise, I’m certain ‘Absentia’ will prove a huge hit with international audiences,” he said.