The reshoots of “Star Wars: Episode 9” for the jungle planet appear to have wrapped, leaked pictures from the production set confirm. The relatively short reshoot schedule should come as a relief to fans who were concerned about the “extensive” filming.

It is common for big budget Hollywood films to go for some reshoots after filming wraps, and the reshoots for “Star Wars: Episode 9” was supposed to be from July to September. However, leaked pictures from Bespin Bulletin seem to suggest that the filming has wrapped in Black Park, England.

The location in Black Park was previously used to film scenes related to a jungle planet. The iconic ship Millennium Falcon and an orange X-Wing were reportedly a part of this shoot. It is not clear which of the cast members were a part of the filming, but John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are expected to have been a part of the production at this location.

The production schedule of the reshoots was previously confirmed by Making Star Wars. Leaked pictures from the production set back then teased the look of the orange X-Wing that will be featured in “Star Wars: Episode 9.”

The newly leaked pictures show that the previously fenced and cordoned off areas of the park are now open for public. Just two more days of reshoots are reportedly left, and they will happen around the lake area of the park this month.

Fewer days of reshoots suggest that JJ Abrams isn’t making extensive changes to the film. The production schedule suggests that there is nothing out of the ordinary, and the fans don’t have to worry.

Filming of “Star Wars: Episode 9” wrapped back in February, and Abrams shared a picture from the last day of the production on Twitter. The film is in the post production phase of development, and it will be released on Dec. 20.

Star Wars Episode 9
Reshoots of "Star Wars: Episode 9" almost complete. Star Wars/Facebook