Richard E. Grant has talked about being a part of “Star Wars: Episode 9” before, and in a recent interview, he emphasized that the name of his character will be familiar to everyone. The character he is playing is someone significant. There is already widespread speculation about who this character is, but the actor can only hint at the details at the moment.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, an excerpt of which has been posted on Reddit, Grant recalled the time he was cast in a new role for the upcoming “Star Wars” movie. The actor revealed that when director JJ Abrams mentioned the name of the character, Grant felt the room go upside down, suggesting that he was in shock after learning who it was.

If this was a new character Grant was playing, he wouldn’t have had that kind of a reaction. The shock the actor expressed suggested that this is not only a familiar character from the “Star Wars” universe, but also a significant one.

Who is this familiar character? One big hint comes from the casting process. Grant and Daisy Ridley auditioned for the “Star Wars” films together. The script was from an old British war movie from the 1940s. Grant played the role of an interrogating officer during the audition, which suggests that there is a good chance he will be a character in the First Order.

The one character whose name keeps coming up again and again is Thrawn. Grant has already confirmed that he is not playing this character, but that comment may have been misdirection.

But no matter what his role is in the film, Grant is very happy about joining the “Star Wars” universe. The actor previously posted a video on Twitter to share what the audition process was like for him and how he can’t stop smiling about being cast.

More details about “Star Wars: Episode 9” and Grant’s role may be revealed when the first trailer is released. The expectation at the moment is that a first-look video will be released during the upcoming Star Wars Celebration event.

Carrie Fisher passed away before the filming of “Star Wars: Episode 9” began. Her character, Leia, was supposed to play a big part in the upcoming movie. Abrams decided to include the character by using unseen footage of the actress from “The Force Awakens.” Fisher’s brother has teased that there will be a significant presence of Leia in the film, Entertainment Weekly reported.