There will be three lightsaber duels in “Star Wars: Episode 9,” according to new spoilers that have surfaced online. All three action sequences will be significant to the story, and one of them is expected to be the highlight of the movie.

The following article contains “Star Wars: Episode 9” spoilers.

Although Carrie Fisher has passed away, the significance of her character Leia has not diminished in the upcoming movie. According to Making Star Wars, the importance of the character is highlighted by the fact that the opening sequence in the film will be Leia and her brother Luke (Mark Hamill) dueling with their lightsabers.

Both Leia and Luke look younger in the scene as it is set just after the fall of the Empire. The scene is important because it reminds fans that the Resistance general knows the ways of the Force, but she had to stop her training because she was pregnant. The fight against the First Order that came later may have taken away her time and stopped her from becoming a Jedi.

The biggest action sequence in “Star Wars: Episode 9” will be the lightsaber duel between Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Rey (Daisy Ridley). According to Making Star Wars the sequence has been dubbed “flash fight” because the two of them fight this battle using only the Force, while being miles apart from each other physically.

Apart from being a visual spectacle, this lighsaber duel is also important because it highlights how the movie is a culmination of all the films that have come before this in the Skywalker saga. The fight will take Rey and Kylo Ren to different locations that were featured in the previous movies.

The final battle will be against the main villain who has been a part of all three trilogies. Rey will fight Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) in the last act of the film, and the Sith Lord will use a lightsaber, Making Star Wars reported. Kylo Ren on the other hand will take on the Knights of Ren in this fight.

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