After reports about BB-8 getting a sidekick in “Star Wars: Episode 9,” there is now some visual confirmation that there will indeed be a new droid called Dio or D.O.

The following article contains spoilers of “Star Wars: Episode 9.”

Recently leaked pictures from the upcoming JJ Abrams film posted on Reddit included a photo of the new droid. The design of the droid is similar to BB-8. Instead of a soccer droid design, its look features a small wheel as the base that allows the character to move around.

Judging by the size, this will be a very small droid. The description of the character reveals that the new droid will “annoy” BB-8.

A previous report by Making Star Wars revealed that BB-8 will be getting a sidekick in the upcoming film. The name of the droid, according to insiders, is Dio or D.O.

The relationship between BB-8 and Dio is described as one of parent and child. The smaller droid reportedly treats the soccer droid as its parent in “Star Wars: Episode 9.”

Brian Herring is the puppeteer behind the BB-8 droid. Herring walks behind the droid while filming, wearing a green suit that gets edited out during the post production. He is responsible for the movement of the droid puppet.

While filming continues, Herring has already wrapped his part of the filming. In a post on Twitter earlier this month, the puppeteer announced that he finished his work for the movie. He also thanked the director, cast and crew, and the BB-8 team for the time they spent together.

Herring has been working behind the scenes for creating the BB-8 magic for the past five years. He said the past five years have been “an amazing ride,” and he added that very few people get to live the dream like him.

“Star Wars: Episode 9” is the last film in the new trilogy. It isn’t clear if any of the characters from these movies will be a part of the next trilogy. Herring’s words appear to indicate that this is the last film for him as BB-8.