Stem Cells from Patient’s Own Heart Can Help to Battle Heart Failure.
A researcher handles stem cells in an undated photo. Reuters

For the first time, stem cells taken from patient's own failing heart have been shown to repair a damaged heart and rejuvenate it.

The new study presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association showed significant improvement in the cardiac functions of the patients.

Apart from this, the research also showed significant reduction in the amount of tissue damage in patients with heart failure.

If this is confirmed in further studies, it could offer an entirely new option and a potential cure for patients who are now dying from heart failure, ABC News quoted Dr. Roberto Bolli, director of cardiology at University of Louisville and lead author of the study published today in The Lancet stating.

The treatment progress was noted during a one-year period. Among the 25 volunteers involved in the study, 17 patients received stem cell treatment while the remaining eight patients were subjected to standard health care.

In the recent trial, cardiac stem cells were taken from the heart muscles of patients suffering from cardiac ailments and symptoms like fatigue and breathlessness. These cardiac cells have the ability of converting into different types of heart cells.

The Daily Mail reported that around a million stem cells were then infused directly back into the patient's own failing heart around four months after they received bypass surgery for heart attacks.

It was later noted that all those who received the stem cell treatment had their heart attack scars reduced to significant levels, whereas the remaining 8 patients saw no improvement.