Mimi Faust came clean to her friends about her new romance on the Season 5 premiere of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and now she’s told her ex Stevie J about the relationship. However, a lot went down in episode 3 of the VH1 show besides Mimi’s confession.

As recapped, Mimi threw an all-white birthday party during episode 1 so her close friends could meet her girlfriend, Chris. Stevie, however, was still in Los Angeles and never made it to the party. During Monday’s episode, Stevie pops up at Mimi’s house to tell her he’s back in town and to catch up. Mimi fills him on a few things before causally mentioning she has a “new boo.” Stevie wants to know more about her boyfriend, but Mimi tells him the person she’s dating is female.

Stevie is initially shocked and wants to know if their young daughter, Eva, sees Mimi and Chris being affectionate. Mimi assures him that Eva thinks Chris is simply a friend. In the end, Stevie gives the relationship his stamp of approval but tells Mimi she’s most likely just going through a “spell.”

Also during episode 3, Stevie’s nephew Scrapp DeLeon visits with him to get some advice on his love triangle with Tommie and Tiara. Scrapp and Tiara have a child together and are not dating, but are still hooking up. Scrapp has also been hooking up with Tommie. Stevie tells his nephew that he knows exactly what he’s going through because at one point he was dating Mimi and Joseline Hernandez at the same time. Stevie tells Scrapp that things won’t be OK until he makes a choice, but he isn’t ready to let one go.

Instead, Scrapp thinks it’s a good idea to talk to Tommie and Tiara at the same time and tell them he can’t make a decision right now. Of course, neither one is happy about it but they start arguing with each other. Before things could escalate between Tommie and Tiara, several security guards step in to keep them apart.

Meanwhile, Lil Scrappy is also dealing with some lady issues. The producer has been working with Betty Idol on a song but her fight with Tammy Rivera is getting in the way of their business. Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend, Bambi, especially has a problem with it because Tammy is her best friend, so she tells Scrappy that he can’t work with Betty. Scrappy sits down with Betty and asks her to apologize to Tammy so they continue working together, but she refuses. Scrappy then decides that he doesn’t want to do the song with her anymore.

The drama on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” doesn’t end there. Tammy invites Betty’s best friend D. Smith to her event so she can meet her husband Waka Flocka Flame and get to see what type of person he is. Tammy and Betty’s fight stemmed from comments Waka previously made slamming transgender people. In the premiere, D. Smith revealed to Tammy that she has been transitioning from male to female for quite some time.

Even though Tammy invites D. Smith to her event, the producer doesn’t show. Tammy decides to meet up with D. Smith afterwards so they can talk but they’re meeting goes downhill fast and they start arguing. D. Smith says she doesn’t want to work with Tammy for an upcoming modeling gig she has, and Tammy fires back taking jabs at D. Smith’s “crooked” wig.

In a sneak peek of next Monday’s episode, Joseline makes her return to the show and seems to butt heads with Karlie Redd. The two had a falling out last season and clearly haven’t made amends yet.