"Stitchers" is about to get scary. ABC Family's sci-fi detective drama will return for a Halloween special Oct. 20. The cast visited New York Comic Con (NYCC) Friday to reveal some spoilers about the special. The show shared a panel with “Pretty Little Liars,” so they didn't have time to reveal much. “I don't know what the percentage is of you guys that are really just trying to get a good spot for ‘PLL,’ ” Allison Scagliotti (Camille) playfully told the audience. “But I promise we'll be just as entertaining and we’ll be out shortly.” Despite limited time, they still managed to tease a few juicy tidbits.

1. Kirsten's dream. An NYCC-exclusive clip from "Stitchers" Season 1, episode 11 showed Kirsten (Emma Ishta) in the water tank, but it wasn't business as usual. The tank locks Kirsten in and starts to fill with dirty water. She screams for Cameron's (Kyle Harris) help, but he's nowhere to be seen. Luckily, it's just a dream. She wakes up in her bed, but her empty apartment is just as creepy.

2. More scary scenes. Executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter was happy to break away from the typical tone of “Stitchers.” The drama, which shows a team solving murders by visiting the memories of the dead, doesn't often have the chance to scare viewers. While the episode has some lighter moments, the producer loved writing frightening moments for Kirsten and her friends. “As a nerd, any sort of horror anything, and I get paid for it, is a dream come true," Schechter said.

3. Is Cameron dead? The Halloween special is a stand-alone episode, so it might not directly deal with last year's massive cliff-hanger. Harris said he still wasn't sure if he was returning because Season 2 hadn't started filming yet. Schechter promised the episode still fits within the continuity of the series, though. “The attentive fan might pick up on certain clues that happen in the course of the Halloween episode that give you an idea of how it all fits in,” Schechter teased.

4. Cameron’s costume. The neuroscientist is getting in the holiday spirit! All of his friends are too, but none have costumes quite as entertaining as his. Cameron’s Halloween costume includes "a formfitting red suit," according to Scagliotti. Fans can get a glimpse of it in the promo, along with a few of the other team members' costumes.

Watch a promo for the “Stitchers” Halloween episode below:

The "Stitchers" Season 1 Halloween special airs Tuesday, Oct. 20, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC Family as part of the network's "13 Nights of Halloween" programming.