Stitchers Finale
Kirsten (Emma Ishta) learned more about Cameron (Kyle Harris) after a dangerous situation in the Season 1 finale of "Stitchers." Freeform

Get ready to welcome back Kirsten (Emma Ishta) and the rest of the team on “Stitchers”! Season 1 of the Freeform series concluded in August, and returned in October with a special episode for the network’s “13 Nights of Halloween” event. While the Halloween installment was jam packed with spine-tingling drama, everything that went down between Kristen, Cameron (Kyle Harris) and the others was simply part of a standalone episode. So, where did the real Season 1 finale leave off? We’re looking back at the heart-stopping plotline ahead of the Season 2 premiere tonight.

Episode 10, titled “Full Stop,” kicks off with the mysterious Les Turner (Oded Fehr) meeting with Detective Fisher (Damon Dayoub) about Ed Clark’s (Hugo Armstrong) death. Kirsten asked Fisher to investigate the death of her guardian, but Les wants him to drop the case. He tells Fisher that the Stitchers team is going to be handling Ed’s death internally. However, Fisher’s suspicious of Turner. He agrees to drop the investigation, but Turner knows he’s lying.

Fisher later meets up with Kirsten at a restaurant to discuss Ed. Kirsten didn’t understand that Fisher wanted to meet alone, and much to his disappointment, she brings Camille (Allison Scagliotti) and Cameron with her. That ends up being a mistake for all parties involved. Camille and Kirsten return from the bathroom to find that Fisher and Cameron were shot.

Fisher lost a lot of blood, and ends up in the ICU. Meanwhile, Cameron made it out OK with a concussion. The gang is determined to find out who tried to kill them, and can use the dead body of the waitress for answers. Unfortunately their investigation needs to wait though. The only person that can stitch Kirsten into the waitress’ body is Cameron. Although Kirsten wants to go through with the process immediately, the delay gives her time to do some research on the safety deposit key that Ed left behind.

Cameron returns to work the next day and begins training Camille to help him stitch. After the shooting, Cameron wants to make sure that someone is able to continue on his work. That upsets Linus (Ritesh Rajan), who wants Cameron to teach him how to stitch. However, Cameron breaks the cold hard truth to him — he doesn’t have what it takes for the job.

Together Cameron and Camille successfully stitch Kirsten into the body of the waitress. Kirsten’s able to learn that Fisher pushed Cameron out of the way of the shooter. She’s also able to see the face of the man responsible for the shooting, and surprisingly, Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) recognizes him. The shooter was Robert Barbiero (Henry Rollins), the first head of security for the Stitchers program 20 years ago. He was close with both of Kirsten’s parents.

Why did a close friend of Kirsten’s parents want to hurt Fisher? Kirsten hopes that some answers can be found in the safety deposit box. She visits the bank and discovers the “K” encyclopedia book that was missing from Ed’s collection is in the box. She scans the pages for any notes or hidden messages, but can’t find anything. Fortunately, Cameron figures out that something is off about the cover. Hidden inside is a memory card.

Kirsten and Cameron watch the memory card together. The card contains footage of Kirsten’s dad stitching her into her mother’s body when she was just a child. However, the stitching attempt backfired and resulted in the death of Kirsten’s mother.

Now Kirsten fully understands what happened to her when she was a child. Her dad gave her temporal dysplasia by stitching her into her mother when she was still living. Her mother had been in a coma from an accident, and her father was trying to bring her back. He abandoned Kirsten with Ed after accidentally killing her mother.

This is a big development for Kirsten, and Maggie’s got another body that might be able to shed more light on the mystery. She tracks down Barbiero and finds him dead in his apartment from multiple stab wounds. But he wasn’t killed there. The lack of blood reveals that his body was simply dumped there afterwards.

Kirsten gets stitched into his brain and learns that he was the one who saved her at the Santa Monica Pier. Prior to Fisher’s shooting, the former Stitchers security guard was on the phone with a woman. It sounded like she was giving the orders to take down Fisher. Another memory jump within the stitch shows Barbiero watching a young Kirsten with her mom. Kirsten wants to stay with that memory, but Maggie forces Cameron to get her back to the original memory. She overhears the woman telling Barbiero that he must keep working with the Stitchers program, and that when she thinks he’s ready she’ll tell him the truth about Ed’s death. Time runs out and Kirsten’s forced to return to reality. But when Maggie asks her what she heard, Kirsten lies and says “nothing.”

Kirsten (Emma Ishta) learns that Barbiero was simply a "message machine" in the Season 1 finale of "Stitchers." Freeform

Kirsten later tells Cameron that Barbiero was a “message machine.” He was told things that Kirsten was meant to hear, and then killed so that she would be stitched into his body. She needs Cameron to remember who was in the car the night of the shooting, but he can’t remember. That leads him to come up with a dangerous idea.

They return to the Stitchers lab and Cameron reveals that they’re going to kill him and revive him after four minutes. That will give Kirsten enough time to get stitched into Cameron and get the information that he can’t remember. The entire Stitchers team refuses to put him in that situation, but Cameron sneakily goes through with it anyway.

With four minutes on the clock everyone jumps into action. Kirsten gets stitched into his brain and figures out that he’s in love with her. She doesn’t get the information she needs from the night of the shooting, but she learns that she met Cameron when they were just children. They were both in the hospital when they first met. Cameron was recovering from his heart surgery and Kirsten was waiting for her mom to wake up from her coma. Kirsten was upset, but Cameron promised her that everything was going to be fine.

Time runs out on the clock and Kirsten is forced to jump. The team immediately tries to resuscitate Cameron, but the finale ends with him flat lining.

“Stitchers” Season 2 will pick up with Kirsten successfully reviving Cameron. The twist is that “stitching into a live consciousness is now causing her to experience real emotions for the first time.”

Watch it all unfold when the premiere, titled “2.0,” premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Freeform.