An employee at Joann Fabrics called out an alleged shoplifter who was hiding inside the bathroom of the store after the store's closing time. A Tiktok video of the staff making a special announcement, letting the "shoplifter" know that the store manager is on the lookout for him, has gone viral.

A Tiktoker known by the handle essiebiecos filmed and shared the video with a caption: "I scripted it myself and everything." The video fetched more than 1.8 million views since it was posted last week, Daily Dot reported.

“One of our most frequent shoplifters thought they were slick by hiding in the bathrooms so my managers gave me permission to make a special announcement," the video begins with the text overlay as the staff takes the intercom to make the special announcement.

“Attention gentlemen and guests the time is 9:23 and we are way past closing,” the staff says. “You have the audacity to stay here, and since you like it so much, we have locked the doors. Our manager will come to have a very special conversation if we find you. But you will not be leaving tonight, except in a trash bag. Have a good evening," she adds.

The short video with an abrupt ending left the viewers curious about what exactly happened to the alleged shoplifter after the announcement. "You got a tag me when you do story next time because I need to know if they were still in there," a viewer said.

After repeated requests for a follow-up video, the manager of the store came up in a video confirming that they could not find the man hiding in the store. "We don’t know where he went, so as far as we know, he did leave, or he’s in our ceiling panels somewhere,” the store manager said in the video.

Meanwhile, some viewers also expressed their fear if the man is still hiding in the store. “I was ready to see someone peeking down from the ceiling when you put the camera down facing the ceiling at the end,” a viewer wrote.

representational image pixabay