Eichorst and Dutch on The Strain
Eichorst (Richard Sammel, left) holds Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) prisoner and plans to have her as a meal in episode 11 of "The Strain." Michael Gibson/FX

Thomas Eichorst (Richard Sammel) is easily one of the most evil characters on FX’s “The Strain.” In episode 11, “Dead End,” for the first time, light is shed on the background of Eichorst before he was a Nazi officer. As Eichorst continues to hold Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) prisoner, will Eph (Corey Stoll), Fet (Kevin Durand) and Nora (Mia Maestro) be able to find Dutch before Eichorst has her as a snack?

In the final seconds of episode 10, it looked like Dutch was on the way out after Eichorst had her chained up and was wheeling her closer to him with a crank. Episode 11 picks right back up at the Mayfield Hotel, where Eichorst feeds on a cop in front of Dutch and tells her he enjoys a human cocktail every once in awhile.

Setrakian (David Bradley) wakes up after being knocked unconscious after finally finding the Occido Lumen. The man who clocked him was Rudyard Fonescu (David Schall), the boy Setrakian saved from strigoi in Austria in 1966.

Eichorst tells her something instead and says the smell of her shampoo reminds him of a woman he once knew. We then flash back to 1931, when Eichorst was a radio salesman. Eichorst was the worst salesman at work, which his boss blamed on lack of confidence, not people struggling financially. However, the secretary Helga (Julie Engelbrecht) seemed to like him, and he liked her back.

Fet, Eph and Nora show up at the Mayfield Hotel, which ends up being the National Guard Headquarters. They search the hotel and find an abandoned police car in the back with all four doors open. Nora finds Dutch’s hat in the back on the car, but they’re not sure where she was moved. Fet looks up at the hotel and notices half of it is lit up while another half is completely dark, so they venture over to the dark part.

Rudyard remembers Setrakian but refuses to cut him loose. Setrakian offers to buy the Lumen, but Rudyard has other plans. He packs up the book and leaves Setrakian in the apartment as he goes to sell it. Setrakian eventually is able to untie himself, and he leaves Rudyard’s apartment.

While on a dinner date in 1931 with Helga, Eichorst tells her he hasn’t found a passion for his career yet. A Nazi soldier stands up in the restaurant and addresses everyone to find recruits. Helga is uncomfortable with it, but Eichorst is captivated by the speech and feels his calling. When they leave the restaurant, Eichorst tells Helga he agrees with Nazi beliefs, especially concerning Jewish people. Helga is disgusted with him and reveals she’s Jewish, which ends their romance.

Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) fears for her life in episode 11 of "The Strain." Michael Gibson/FX

Present-day Eichorst has cut up pineapple for Dutch and demands she eat it as a way to serve as a seasoning. He leaves the room again, and Dutch is able to grab pepper spray off the dead cop. When Eichorst comes back to the room, things start to get weird. He asks her to remove her pants and appears he’s about to do something bad to her, when Dutch sprays him with the pepper spray, grabs his keys and frees herself from the chains. Eichorst washes off the pepper spray and pursues Dutch. Dutch runs through the hotel, finds a staircase and runs down it with Eichorst right behind her.

Fet leads Nora and Eph to an old subway line that runs under the hotel, and they’re able to access the its closed-off section. Inside, Dutch runs into a dead end, and Eichorst catches up to her and starts to drag her away. At the same time, Fet, Eph and Nora can hear her screaming, and Fet runs to try to catch up to her.

Fet reaches the stop of the stairs and finds a brick wall in his way. He’s able to chip a hole in a brick and sticks a piece of dynamite in it to blow the brick wall open for them. Fet catches up to Eichorst and Dutch, and throws a silver grenade at Eichorst. It goes off, but Eichorst gets away and escapes through the subway tunnel. Fet takes Dutch in his arms, having saved her.

In another flashback, this time in 1935, Eichorst is now a Nazi officer, and he comes across Helga. Helga tells the Nazis she had a relationship with Eichorst in an attempt to stop them from moving her and her family. Eichorst says he worked with her for seven months, but she was accused of stealing, and that was the extent of their relationship.

While walking around the town later, Eichorst comes across Helga’s body hanging from the gallows. Eichorst looks shocked and upset but has to hide how he really feels from his officers, so he flicks a cigarette at her body. Eichorst walks away with a mortified look on his face.

Other Major Moments From Episode 11

  • Gus (Miguel Gomez) and Aanya Gupta (Parveen Kaur) finally hook up, but it could be the only time. Gus and Angel (Joaquín Cosio) help Aanya and her family get across the New York border and into safety. Gus and Angel stay behind to fight alongside Mr. Quinlan to defeat the Master.
  • Fonescu takes the Lumen to Alonso Creem (Jamie Hector) on the wishes of Cardinal McNamara (Tom Kemp). However, back in episode 5, Setrakian made a deal with Creem to find the book for him.
  • While on the drive back to Fet's apartment, Eph and Nora exchange a look in the car. Fet had given his all saving Dutch because he loves her. Nora looks at Eph with a stare that says, "I don't think you would have done this for me." Look for their strange relationship to come to a head soon.