Doug Jones
"The Strain" star Doug Jones previews what's next for the Ancients in Season 3. Pictured: Jones at Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Party in San Diego on July 11, 2015. ason Merritt/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

The battle of humans vs. vampires continues this summer! “The Strain” star Doug Jones revealed some exciting updates about the supernatural FX series while at the 2016 Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards in Hollywood Saturday night.

Ahead of the big event at the Paramount Studios Theatre, Jones walked the red carpet and spoke with International Business Times reporter Monica. The 55-year-old actor revealed that production for Season 3 of “The Strain” is currently underway, and that his character, one of the Ancients, is ready to shake things up for The Master (Paul Aspland).

“We are fighting the evil force of The Master,” Jones explained. “He’s currently running amok and making this whole strain outbreak happen. We Ancients are the refined, dignified, old school vampires who lie low and do what we have to do to survive and keep out of the public. The master is causing havoc and changing the culture of the world. We’re trying to put a stop to him. That’s continuing this year.”

The Ancients sure do need to step up to the plate when Season 3 premieres. When “The Strain” viewers last left off, The Master had set up a plant that would process humans like animals. The exact layout for his plan wasn’t clear, but it didn’t appear to be anything good for humanity.

Of course, the Ancients need to get their hands on the Occido Lumen first. Setrakian (David Bradley) managed to get the book in his possession in the finale, but he made it clear to Fet (Kevin Durand) that he had no plans to return it to the Ancients.

Fans of “The Strain” certainly won’t want to miss Season 3 when it premieres this summer. The trilogy is playing out over five seasons, which means that the story is roughly halfway over.