Internet users have come to defend “Stranger Things” star Natalia Dyer after an aesthetician criticized her face and provided unsolicited plastic surgery recommendations for the actress.

In a TikTok video, Miranda Wilson emphasized the “problem areas” of Dyer’s face and detailed the facial procedures she would perform on her at her clinic.

Wilson starts by complimenting Dyer’s performance in “Stranger Things,” saying she “killed it” in the series. “If you don’t like ‘Stranger Things,’ we cannot be friends,’” she says. She then starts stating the things she would do if the 27-year-old wishes to undergo plastic surgery, saying the first thing she would do is slim her face and raise her eyebrows by injecting them with Botox.

She also recommends chin and lip fillers for the actress before displaying a photoshopped image of Dyer’s final look.

The photoshopped image looks far from Dyer and features GIFs to point out the areas of Dyer’s face that need improvement, including arrows hovering around her cheeks and a pointer finger dancing below her chin.

As expected, fans of Dyer were not at all pleased with the video. Shortly after Wilson posted the video, her TikTok was flooded with messages from furious fans demanding an apology from her for criticizing the young star.

Many also pointed out that it’s not right to comment on the way a person appears just because it does not seem to fit society’s standard of beauty.

“I could never be a celebrity because if someone made a video like this about me, I would get violent,” one TikTok user wrote. As the video spread like wildfire across the web, dozens of Twitter users also expressed their disappointment over Wilson’s post.

“I’m willing to bet a million dollars that the plastic surgeon listing all the changes she’d make to Natalia Dyer’s face probably thinks Timothee Chalamet is perfect just the way he is,” one user tweeted.

“The problem usually isn’t the features. It’s just more acceptable for men to have them,” the user added.

Wilson, who has since deleted the video, is a certified aesthetic nurse practitioner working in the cosmetic injection market.

Joe Keery, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton
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