A principal has been dismissed and arrested for having a sexual relationship with a minor student. jhusemannde/Pixabay


  • A student teacher got arrested for sexual conduct on a minor at Huntley Middle School
  • Authorities caught Quinyatta Hutchinson after his car was identified in DeKalb
  • A school administrator was charged with having an illicit relationship with a student

A student teacher from the Huntley Middle School in DeKalb got fired and arrested after he allegedly engaged in sexual conduct with an unnamed student on school grounds.

The suspect was identified as Quinyatta L. Hutchinson. In a release by the Dekalb Police, the 23-year-old is charged with two felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

The release was sent to parents and guardians, informing them the teacher had been removed from his assignment and was under investigation. No further details were given.

Hutchinson got arrested after his car was identified using an automated license plate reader system when it entered the Dekalb city limits. He was tracked by cops to his home and was reportedly taken in without incident.

The 23-year-old accused is set to appear before the court next week. He is currently detained at the Dekalb County Jail.

The news comes not long after a private school principal in Coral Springs got arrested for having a forbidden relationship with a student.

She was identified as Tracy Smith, the head of Xceed Preparatory Academy. According to an arrest report, the 43-year-old woman regularly touched a student requesting help with his studies.

The unnamed student started studying and taking tests in the principal's office last October.

Beyond that, Smith and the student would allegedly talk about personal issues and converse on messaging apps like Snapchat. The minor would send shirtless pictures of himself after hitting the gym, while the 43-year-old would send images of her in a bikini, 12 News reported.

However, it came to a point where the student felt a bit awkward, especially with the amount of attention he was getting. In all, it was negatively impacting the school and made him feel guilty, according to investigators.

"Everyone at the school was shocked and surprised by the allegations. No one had any inclination this was going on if it was. She's been terminated. That happened immediately after her arrest. That happened yesterday right in front of the school," Brian Bieber, an attorney for the school, stated in a report by CBS News.

On Tuesday, a Circuit Judge found probable cause for the charge. Smith was released on a $25,000 bond and ordered to have no contact with the victim. She was also ordered not to return to school.

Judge's Gavel.
A student teacher has been arrested after he allegedly sexually abused students at a middle school. Tingey Injury Law Firm/Unsplash CC0