Detroit Metropolitan airport police corporal Richard Frederick walks through the airport with 'explosives detection' dog Spence in Romulus, Michigan December 26, 2009. REUTERS

Stuffed plush animals are cute and here are some photos of them! The following are some of the photos included below:

-Red stuffed plush rabbits for sale in China on the Year of the Rabbit (2011)

-Thousands of stuffed plush bears arranged in a shape of a tree hang from the ceiling of a shopping mall in Beirut

-A real Giant Panda holding a stuffed plush goat

-Giant stuffed plush bear sits in front of a booth at the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair

-Stuffed plush animals arranged on top of parked car by Indian vendor

-Stuffed plush ducklings in basket in Warsaw

-Eight-metre giant stuffed plush bear displayed in Seoul. Inspired by the novel Gulliver's Travels