A tractor-trailer hauling Coca-Cola crashed into a house in Pennsylvania on Saturday, obliterating a portion of the home and closing off roads for hours.

The crash occurred at around 6:30 a.m. in Quakertown, which was experiencing foggy weather at the time. While attempting to make a turn, police explained, the truck instead went over a curb, over a boulder, and went into the air before crashing into the twin home.

“The safety and security for our employees, customers and surrounding residents is our number one priority,” Coca-Cola spokesman Brian Dries said. “Thankfully, there were no injuries and we are deeply sorry to the family at the home that this unfortunate accident happened. We are conducting an internal review with our driver and vehicle.”

Coca-Cola further said that they believed the reduced visibility was to blame for the accident. No one in the house was injured and the driver only sustained minor injuries after he managed to exit the cab through a window. The residents were able to stay with friends nearby as work was done to clear the area.

"Preliminary reports indicate the thick fog this morning may have diminished the visibility of the intersection where the incident occurred," Dries also explained. "We are conducting an internal review with our driver and vehicle. Also, we want to thank the emergency respondents for their professionalism and care this morning."

According to Quakertown police Sgt. Bryan Lockwood, the home sustained major damage and the truck itself was “totaled.” Police were able to remove the truck and reopen the area within six hours.

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Representational image Getty Images/Jonathan Alcorn