Marion Suge Knight was recently arrested in Las Vegas on a 2009 traffic warrant and misdemeanor possession of marijuana Source: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Rap mogul Marion Suge Knight was recently arrested in Las Vegas on a 2009 traffic warrant and misdemeanor possession of marijuana, following a routine traffic stop after he made an unsafe lane change.

The former CEO of Death Row Records and current manager of Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has had several run-ins with the law over the years, though some of his most infamous rumored criminal activity remains unsubstantiated and unprosecuted.

During the early nineties, Knight was said to have hung Vanilla Ice (born Robert Matthew Van Winkle) over a balcony in order to get him to sign over the rights to his hit song, Ice, Ice Baby. Van Winkle denied the rumor, but did hand over the song's copyright to Knight.

There are also many conspiracy theories surrounding Knight's involvement in the East Coast-West Coast rap feud that resulted in the deaths of hip hop icons Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (born Christopher George Latore Wallace). The most insidious one has Knight conspiring with Sean Diddy Combs of Bad Boy Records to engineer the rap feud and then kill off their star rappers for profit. To date, the murders of Shakur and Wallace remain unsolved.

The 46-year-old rap kingpin's criminal record goes back over twenty years, running the gamut of illegal possession of weapons and controlled substances, assault charges, breaking parole and, of course, traffic violations. Of note is his long affiliation with the Mob Piru gang (allied with the Bloods) that has its origins in Compton, Calif.

1987: Knight plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and received probation.

1990: On Sept. 21, Knight plead guilty to battery. On Oct. 31, he plead no contest to another battery charge. He received summary probation on both.

1992: Knight was convicted on assault and weapons charges after an incident with two rap artists in a Los Angeles recording studio. He received probation on a nine-year suspended sentence.

1996: Knight was found guilty of violating 1992 probation sentence after security cameras at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas recorded him and a group of other men assaulting a rival gang member. He was sentence to nine years in prison, serving only five and released in 2001

2002: On Dec. 23, Knight was arrested for parole violation and associating with gang members after moving to Malibu without informing his parole officer. He was convicted of consorting with an alleged gang member and spent 61 days in jail.

2003: On June 21, Knight was arrested after assaulting a parking lot attendant outside a Los Angeles nightclub. He was convicted of assault and violating parole, and received a 10-month prison sentence.

2005: On Feb. 5, Knight was pulled over in his truck by police after making an illegal U-turn. Marijuana was allegedly found in the vehicle, and Knight was arrested, spending a week in jail, but was later cleared of all charges except the moving violation and for driving without insurance.

2008: On Aug. 27, Knight was arrested on drug and assault charges outside a Las Vegas strip club. He was accused of beating his girlfriend and brandishing a knife. Charges were dropped after Knight's girlfriend, Melissa Isaac, mysteriously disappeared and was unable to testify in court.