Gabriel Macht as Harvey, Patrick J. Adams as Mike
Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Louis (Louis Litt) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) consider getting their hands dirty to salvage Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) class action in Season 6, episode 15 of “Suits.” Shane Mahood/USA Network

Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) class action may completely shatter his dream of becoming a legit lawyer.

The synopsis for Season 6, episode 15 “Suits” reveals that Mike’s class action against Velocity Data Solutions runs into yet another unexpected problem. But this time, it might cost him more than the case.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Louis (Louis Litt) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) consider getting their hands dirty to salvage Mike’s case. But because Rachel has a strong feeling that the class action may not ultimately work, she makes sure that her fiancée is not the one who will take the punishment when things go awry.

“This time, if something goes wrong, you take the fall,” Rachel tells Harvey in the preview clip for the episode.

Harvey seemingly agrees to Rachel’s request and appears to continue his plan to get Mike into the bar despite all the risks that come with it. Unfortunately, Harvey’s boldness seems to backfire, much to Mike’s regret.

“You promised we’d pull the plug when things got too risky. It just got too damn risky,” Mike tells Harvey in the clip.

The outcome of Mike’s class action remains to be seen, but at the end of the promo, Mike tells Rachel that it’s over and he’s not going to be a lawyer anymore. Does this mean Craig (Michael B. Silver), a.k.a. the New York Bar guy, chooses not to comply with Harvey’s orders?

Towards the end of this week’s Season 6, episode 14, Velocity Data Solutions CEO James Palmer (Scott Lawrence) told Harvey that Craig wasn’t being complete honest with him. After digging into Craig’s past, Harvey found out that Craig lied to him. A mistress didn’t give Craig’s proprietary info to Velocity Data Solutions, because he did it himself.

Craig was promised a job if he leaked the information, but Velocity Data Solutions pulled the deal at the last minute and deposited a sum of money in an offshore account to implicate him. After learning the truth, Harvey told Craig that the deal to sue Velocity Data Solutions to make their stocks plummet is off, but Craig must still make sure that Mike passes his ethics interview with the bar or Harvey will be forced to reveal his secret.

Also in next week’s episode, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Benjamin (David Reale) seek an investor for The Donna.

“Suits” Season 6, episode 15, titled “Quid Pro Quo,” airs on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 10 p.m. EST.