Sarah Rafferty as Donna
“Suits” actress Sarah Rafferty revealed that her character, Donna, “has a really fun arc” in the remaining six episodes of the show’s Season 6. Ian Watson/USA Network

Like every remaining main character on “Suits,” Donna (Sarah Rafferty) also finds herself thinking about her future in the back six episodes of the show’s Season 6.

Following Jessica’s (Gina Torres) departure from Pearson Specter Litt, Donna tells Harvey (Gabriel Macht) that he needs to resolve certain aspects of his personal life in order to get past his abandonment issues — a piece of advice that Donna herself is going to pay attention to when the USA Network series resumes its sixth season-run later this week.

“She starts to question what she wants out of life and starts looking to her own personal future,” Rafferty recently told the New York Post. “She’s questioning her sense of identity, and as she moves forward it opens up other doors for her … for some fun, surprising opportunities. And she has a really fun arc where we bring back some of the comedy.”

While Donna’s new arc is an opportunity to bring back some lighthearted moments to the legal drama, series creator Aaron Korsh told Yahoo TV that Donna’s new arc “has some real serious underpinnings for her whole sense of self.”

In the Season 4 finale, titled “Not Just A Pretty Face,” Donna told Harvey that she wanted to be an actress. Although it’s unclear why Donna didn’t pursue a career in acting, her love for theatre is often featured on the show. Could her new Season 6 arc have something to do with her dream of becoming an actress? Only time will tell.

While figuring out her future, Donna continues to play the sensible peacemaker between Harvey and Louis (Rick Hoffman).

In an interview with Deadline in September, Korsh revealed that Harvey and Louis “are going to have a little bit of a struggle as to what they’re going to do moving forward without Jessica.” He added that “there’s going to be a little conflict over who’s running the show and what they’re going to do and what direction they’re going to take.”

Despite their disagreement, Korsh said that Harvey and Louis will eventually meet halfway with the help of Donna. “At the end of that episode, Donna, as you would expect, a little bit steps in and basically lays out a plan of what needs to be done for these two to get along, and hopefully, that plan will work,” Korsh said.

“Suits” winter premiere (Season 6, episode 11), titled “She’s Gone,” airs on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 at 10 p.m. EST on USA Network.