Fans have to wait for three months for the new season of “Suits.”

According to a promo clip for Season 8 of the USA Network series, the legal drama is set to return in July. While the exact release date has yet to be announced, the last two seasons of the show both premiered in the second Wednesday of the same month.

The promo clip gives fans their first look at Katherine Heigl’s character, Samantha Wheeler, who is expected to make her first appearance in Season 8, episode 1. While it remains to be seen how Samantha ends up in Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) law firm, the new attorney in town has some big demands. “I want name partner, and I want it before the year is out,” Samantha says right after Harvey welcomed her to the company.

In a recent interview with Deadline, creator Aaron Korsh hinted that Samantha could be one of the lawyers that Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) will be bringing to Specter Litt next season. “He’s going to bring some interesting new people over with him,” said Korsh of Robert, who joined Specter Litt as a name partner in the Season 7 finale. “One of whom may or may not be Samantha Wheeler, which is Katherine Heigl’s character.”

In an Instagram post shared by Heigl earlier this month, the actress revealed that Samantha is someone people don’t want to mess with. “My character #SamanthaWheeler is no shrinking violet! She’ll kick your butt in the ring and in the courtroom! Love playing a girl with gumption!” Heigl captioned a photo of her preparing for a kickboxing scene.

Korsh confirmed Heigl’s description of her character during a recent Q&A with fans on Twitter. When asked by a fan if Samantha is a badass character or a good one, Korsh replied that “she’ll be badass all the way…”

In a statement announcing Heigl’s addition to the show last January, Korsh said that Samantha is a “direct threat” to Harvey, Louis (Rick Hoffman), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), and Alex’s (Dulé Hill) status quo, but her “wit, charm, loyalty, strength, and vulnerability will all be put to the test as she muscles her way into the firm.”

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Gabriel Macht as Harvey
Season 8 of “Suits,” which will see Harvey (Gabriel Macht) welcoming new character Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) to the firm, will premiere in July. USA Network/Ian Watson