There have been a lot of speculations about Sunny Leone performing an item number in Ram Gopal Verma's upcoming movie Department.

A Sunny Leone item number would have ensured the box office success of Ramu's movie.

But it turns out that Nathalia Kaur has been finalized for the item number Dan Dan in the movie.

Sunny Leone, who has announced that she will make it big in Bollywood, seems all excited about her debut movie Jism 2.

Slashing all media speculations, Sunny Leone, the 30-year-old Indo-Canadian pornographic actress, tweeted: For everyone asking! The first time you are going to see me on the big screen in India is going to be for @jism2 ONLY!!!(sic).

She further wrote on her Twitter account: Everything else you hear in the news is not true. I am going to make my debut with @jism2 :) ONLY!!!! I LOVE @jism2.

Sunny Leone shot to fame in India after her entry in the TV Reality show Bigg Boss.

Director producer Mahesh Bhatt approached Leone for the lead role in Jism 2, which will be directed by Pooja Bhatt.