“Supergirl” is on tonight, but it isn’t a new episode. Reruns started last week without a return date, but the CW has finally announced when Kara Danvers will fly back to our screens.

“Supergirl” Season 5, episode 17 airs Sunday, April 26 at 9 p.m. on The CW. The episode will follow the return of “Batwoman.”

The episode, titled “Deus Lex Machina,” will focus on Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer). The trailer shows the villain saying he wants to destroy Kryptonians and claiming he saved the world.

The next new episode of “Supergirl” marks star Melissa Benoist’s directorial debut. Last year, the actress announced that she’d direct this episode, and she started preparing in the early part of the season. She said she’d shadow directors on set, including Jesse Warn and Tawnia McKiernan.

Benoist, who is currently expecting her first child with husband Chris Wood, posted updates to Instagram while taking on her new director duties. She let fans know that she was “absolutely loving” prep for the episode in January. Then, while filming the episode in early February, she posted a funny photo of her directing while in a bathroom stall, which appears to be a filming location.

“Supergirl,” as well as all other DC TV shows on the CW, went on an unexpected hiatus last month as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened. “Supergirl” and “Batwoman” return to TV shortly after the CW’s other Arrowverse sister shows return. “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” are back on April 21. Meanwhile, DC Universe’s Stargirl (not part of the Arrowverse) will premiere on the CW on May 19.

While fans wait for fresh installments of “Supergirl,” they can still tune in for reruns. “It’s a Super Life” will re-air on Sunday. The series’ 100th episode shows Kara (Benoist) going back in time to tell Lena (Katie McGrath) her secret before Lex did. Kara has to decide if she wants to change history.

Supergirl tonight
Melissa Benoist (pictured) will make her directorial debut in "Supergirl" Season 5. The CW/Sergei Bachlakov