Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, Chris Wood as Mon-El
“Supergirl” star Chris Wood now sees his character Mon-El as a valuable asset to the Melissa Benoist’s Girl of Steel. The CW

Chris Wood opened up about what he thinks of Kara and Mon-El’s recent fence-mending on CW’s “Supergirl.”

“I think it’s a great full-circle thing,” Wood told TVLine of Kara and Mon-El finally getting back in a good place following her emotional outburst toward him earlier in the season. “When we first met Mon-El, emotionally, he was like a 16-year-old. He had very little knowledge; Kara had to teach him everything. Then we flashed forward, and now he’s a man. He’s come into his own and really found that heroism.”

Wood added that he no longer sees Mon-El as a liability to the Girl of Steel. “He’s able to bring something to the table that’s new for her,” the actor explained. “The message isn’t just that you can learn something from everyone; it also shows Mon-El’s progress, that he’s come to a place where he’s comfortable enough to know he has something to share with her that she isn’t already utilizing.”

In Season 3, episode 15, Kara memorably confronted Mon-El about how he insulted her in the past. “You’re right. We have been through a lot together,” Kara, who was put on a whammy by a psychic attack, told Mon-El. “Like that time when you promised you wouldn’t leave the DEO, and instead you ran off, you got wasted. You were reckless, selfish. You lied, and you didn’t apologize.”

“And then there was a time I got you a job at CatCo,” she continued. “I vouched for you at my place of employment. And then you have Eve (Andrea Brooks) do all of your work for you, and then you screwed her in the closet. You didn’t apologize for that. And, shocker, I apologized to you for trying to make you a better person. I gave my heart to a lying person who was unaware of his behavior towards me, who disrespected me at every turn.”

A day after the psychic disturbance at the DEO was dealt with, Kara told Mon-El that she was grateful for what had happened. “I felt a big weight off my shoulders,” she said. “I’m just really sorry that it took a Martian attack to make it come out. And I’m sorry it was so brutal.”

After acknowledging that the truth can be brutal, Mon-El apologized for every bad thing he had done to Kara. “It’s not news to me that I used to be a jerk,” he said. “I’m sorry for all of it. I didn’t really grasp your perspective back then.”

When all were said and done, the two made an agreement that there will be no more apologies for them moving forward.

Though Kara and Mon-El have already reconciled, co-showrunner Jessica Queller told TVLine last month that there’s “a lot more coming” for the pair in the remaining episodes of the season. “Mon-El is going to be a big part of the show through the finale, and it’s a heart-wrenching situation,” the exec producer teased. “There’s a lot of romance and a lot of drama.”

“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.