Andy Warhol's Superman
A first edition Superman comic book has sold for more than $2 million. Reuters

How much would you pay to own Superman's first comic book appearance?

Try $2,161,000.

The first Action Comics issue - which reportedly belonged to actor Nicolas Cage, according to several media outlets -- features Superman on the cover using his super strength to hold up a green car while men flee from the scene in terror.

The comic is dated June 1938 and sold for 10 cents at the time.

Cage shelled out approximately $150,000 for the comic in 1997, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comic book was sold through and had an estimated value of $1,050,000, according to the Web site. There were 50 bids for it.

Yes, this is the highest graded copy in the CGC census, the comic's description reads. Yes, that's a pretty big deal. Yes, you should make a run at this incredible book.

Superman is consistently ranked as the top comic book action hero.

Empire magazine ranked the 50 best comic book characters and put the Daily Planet reporter in the top spot.

Being first counts for a lot, but it's going the distance that elevates Superman from the run of flying caped superguys who followed him, the magazine wrote. How many other characters from disposable 1938 fictions have appeared consistently for eighty years and are still as famous as ever?