supernatural season 10 spoilers
A sneak peek teases a new monster in the coming season premiere of "Supernatural." Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. The CW/Supernatural

Looks like Dean (Jensen Ackles) won’t be the only one embracing his dark side in Season 10 of “Supernatural,” which begins Oct. 7. A sneak peek video from the premiere reveals that there’s room for more than one havoc-wreaking Winchester in the hit CW series. That’s right, we’re talking about little Sammy (Jared Padalecki) turning into a monster himself.

The clip kicks off with a demon girl tied up and bloody, discussing the rumors that a Winchester had turned into one of "them." But surprisingly she’s not referring to Dean. Instead she’s talking about the terror Sam has become.

“I said, ‘No, that can’t be. A Winchester one of us?’ But it’s true, isn’t it? Whatever soul you had, whatever Boy Scout code you cuddled up to at night, it’s all gone,” she said. The scene then cuts to Sam holding a bloody knife that he’s been using to torture the demon girl. Apparently he’s looking for a demonic creature himself, but the girl is no use helping him find Crowley (Mark Sheppard) or his brother -- that is until Sam jabs the knife into her stomach a little further.

The girl begs for her life, claiming she doesn’t know where either of them are, which is when Sam slices part of her neck open. “Well, then you’re going to call somebody who does,” he said, while collecting her blood in a cup. (We can't wait to find out why, because that's a little weird of him.)

“Nobody knows. He won’t answer,” she cried. “We’re under orders!”

But Sam doesn’t care what kind of demon code she’s abiding by. He wants to know where his brother is -- now!

According to Ackles, his character, which was turned into a demon during the Season 9 finale, is out and about enjoying his new, darker transformation.

“He’s out partying in Vegas with the King of Hell, he’s got backstage passes and he doesn’t give a s--- about anything. That’s essentially what we’re going to see,” he told TVLine, adding that Demon Dean is like “an ultra-version of a womanizing party animal.” Not to mention a karaoke fiend! In promo pictures for episode 1, Dean was spotted serenading a crowd to the 1978 single “Imaginary Lover” by Atlanta Rhythm Section. Interesting song choice for a demon.

Who do you think will prove to be more demonic in Season 10 of “Supernatural”? Sound off in the comments section below and make sure to tune into the premiere episode on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 9 p.m. EDT.