Supernatural season 11 spoilers
Dean (Jensen Ackles) will face consequences during Season 11 for killing Death in the Season 10 finale of "Supernatural." The CW

“Supernatural” fans watched their fair share of deaths take place in Season 10 of the hit CW series. But nothing shocked audiences quite like the demise of the Horseman himself!

In the finale episode, titled “Brother’s Keeper,” viewers watched as Dean (Jensen Ackles) ended the life of Death (Julian Richings) – a plot twist that surprised even us! See, Dean had previously made a deal with the Reaper that would allow the eldest Winchester to live far, far away (while still acting as the vessel to the Mark of Cain) in exchange for Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) life.

However, Dean’s love for his brother prevailed over his fear of the Mark and what chaos it might cause to society. So, instead of sending Sam to the underworld, Dean turned Death’s very own scythe against him.

“I think I just killed Death,” Dean said comically in the final installment of the tenth season. The termination of Death left viewers questioning who would now be responsible for guiding lost souls to the afterlife – would it be Dean?

Although Jeremy Carver, the show’s executive producer, didn’t confirm whether or not Dean would become Death 2.0, he did reveal to TVLine that the demise of Death would result in consequences “to a certain extent.” Those repercussions will be addressed “in the first batch of episodes” in Season 11, the showrunner revealed, adding that fans “can imagine that it causes some issues.”

Perhaps Death’s extermination will result in an overwhelming amount of lost souls wandering around Earth, which, unfortunately has just been flooded by The Darkness -- an ancient and ominous force that was released following the destruction of the mark.

According to Misha Collins, who portrays Cas on “Supernatural,” The Darkness is so old that even the angels thought it was just a “scary bedtime story.”

“Cas didn’t think that The Darkness was a real thing. So it’s that old of a force,” he elaborated to TVLine, leaving viewers to shudder at the thought of what The Darkness and the lack of a Reaper could mean for the Season 11 storyline.

“Supernatural” will return with Season 11 on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 9 p.m. EDT, on The CW.