Recent survey has found fresh evidence confirming the existence of mass graves at the Nazi death camp Treblinka in Poland. Using tools that help see below the ground, forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls has negated all claims by Holocaust deniers who have maintained throughout the years that the site was nothing but a transit camp.

It was due to the lack of proper evidence that the existence of such mass graves during the Second World War was unknown.

According to history books, all the Treblinka mass graves were destroyed by the Nazis when they left the place in 1943. At that time, the Nazis reportedly destroyed all buildings and levelled the earth. In its place, they constructed a farmhouse and planted trees.

However, the survey by Colls has shown that destruction of buildings doesn't result in complete removal of all traces of them.

I've identified a number of buried pits using geophysical techniques. These are considerable in size, and very deep, one in particular is 26 by 17 metres.

The programme's presenter says that the pits contain the burnt remains of thousands of bodies, the Daily Mail quoted Colls saying.

According to reports by the BBC, a 946 report by investigators into German crimes in Poland found a cellar passage with the protruding remains of burnt posts, the foundations of the administration building and the old well and here and there the remains of burnt fence posts, pieces of barbed wire, and short sections of paved road. They also discovered human remains as they dug into the ground and on the surface large quantities of ashes mixed with sand, among which are numerous human bones.

The new finding will help confirm the existence of such graves, which was not possible earlier due to lack of proper corroboration of facts.