Jeremy Collins
Thanks to a hidden immunity idol, Jeremy Collins is one of the favorites to win "Survivor: Second Chance" in the Dec. 16 finale. CBS

It all comes down to this. Wednesday is the exciting three-hour finale of "Survivor: Second Chance" and the long running CBS reality series has narrowed the race for this season's crown down to six remaining castaways -- Jeremy, Keith, Kelley, Kimmi, Spencer, and Tasha. "Second Chance" has been one of the wildest seasons in the show's history and, with no hidden immunity idols left in play, fans have likely not seen the last big twist. Who will win when Jeff tallies the final votes?

Here are IBT's rankings of the remaining castaways in order of most likely to win to least likely to win:

1. Jeremy Collins

If Jeremy had failed to engineer Abi's elimination in episode 13 he may not have been on the top of this list. As it stands, Abi went home, a possible all girls alliance was foiled, and Jeremy maintains control of the game with Tasha, Kimmi and Spencer as uneasy allies. While that may be no guarantee of anything in such an unpredictable season, Jeremy's hidden immunity idol gives him some insurance in his pursuit of the final three. Plus, if he does indeed make it to the final three, he will have a great case to make to jury having largely led the majority alliance for most of the game while, somehow, making few to no enemies in the process.

2. Kelley Wentworth

On the outside of Jeremy's tentative alliance is Kelley, who has put together quite a final three resume sticking around despite being at the bottom of the tribe's figurative totem pole since the merge. Her hidden immunity idol play was deemed an instant classic "Survivor" moment by fans almost overnight and she managed to help blindside Andrew, Kelly (Wiglesworth) and Stephen, even after being labeled a trouble-starting "witch." If Kelley makes it to the final three she could very well win it all -- she will likely have the votes of players like Abi who may have a grudge against some of the majority alliance players -- but getting there will be difficult with Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer currently running the show. Don't forget, though, that Kelley still has another hidden immunity idol up her sleeve.

3. Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer is in a high risk, high reward situation right now, playing both sides -- he has long been in an alliance with Jeremy and Tasha, but has been more than willing to talk flipping sides with Kelley. If he plays his cards right he could find himself sitting in the final three having engineered the last, vital power moves in the final tribal councils. However, if he burns his bridge with Jeremy at the wrong moment, it could all blow up in his face.

Watch the promo for the finale below:

4. Tasha Fox

Tasha has been targeted at tribal council far too often to be considered a sure bet to make it to the final three. Plus, she rubbed some now-jury members the wrong way in the game -- the subject of Tasha being "fake" caused a stir in the latest "Ponderosa" webisode -- so the odds of them voting her the winner seem slim. Regardless, Tasha has been a big part of the majority alliance since the merge and could make a case to the jury, especially if some of the other power players get knocked out first. Tasha's biggest challenge would be convincing the jury that she has not just been riding on Jeremy's coattails.

5. Keith Nale

In many ways, both Keith and Kimmi have been along for the ride since the merge, remaining in the background as the more strategic power players determined the tribe's fate in the last few tribal councils. There is nothing wrong with that -- it is certainly one way to get to the final three -- but it is unlikely to buy them any votes from the jury. Keith gets the slight edge here, though, thanks to his proven strength in challenges.

6. Kimmi Kappenberg

As mentioned above, Kimmi has been largely silent in terms of game strategy since outing Monica for planning a girls alliance back before the merge. While Kimmi certainly seems more likely to attempt some big moves in the final tribal councils, time is running out for the former "Australian Outback" castaway to put together a respectable case for the jury, should she reach the final three.

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