David Survivor
David pondered if he should use his immunity idol on another player on Wednesday’s “Survivor.” CBS

“Who’s the Sucker at the Table?” was the big question during Wednesday’s installment of “Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X.” One player found an immunity idol during Season 33, episode 4 of the CBS series, another played one and one contestant found themselves voted out in another blindside elimination.

Gen X

Chris and Bret are upset with the women responsible for blindsiding them and voting out Paul. Lucy reveals they sent Paul home because he was OK with an all-guys alliance, and later tells them Jessica was the brains behind the operation. Chris says he “can’t stand” Jessica and wants her gone next. Sunday makes a similar comment and says she doesn’t fully trust Jessica after Paul’s elimination.


As his tribe members are hunting for food, Adam goes hunting for a hidden immunity idol. He finds a clue inside a tree and cries tears of joy. When the clue reveals he has to keep searching to find the actual idol, he decides to put it away for another day due to lack of time.

Reward Challenge

Get X secured a win during episode 4’s reward challenge. Pictured: Players Bret, Justin, Will and Ken. CBS

Host Jeff Probst announces that the two tribes will be fighting for food, specifically steaks, sausages, spices and vegetables during the reward challenge. The challenge has two players from each team at a time racing out into the ocean and fighting to get ahold of a ring and a flag pole first. The tribe with the most points wins.

Despite a tough performance from the Millennials, mainly Michaela who forfeited her top for the sake of winning a round, Gen X secured the reward following a particularly brutal battle between Jay, Zeke, Chris and David.

Winner: Gen X

Emotional Idol Find

After the challenge, Adam says it was clear the reward challenge wasn’t his to win and he needs to find the idol before tribal council. He follows the clues for the hidden immunity idol and after an intense search, finds it on the beach inside a shell. “This is beyond my wildest dreams,” he says. Adam decides to dedicate his find to his mom at home fighting Stage 4 lung cancer.

A New Dictator

David asks Lucy who the tribe is going to eliminate next. After remaining tip-lipped, she divulges to Ken and David that Jessica is the target and instructs them not to speak to anyone about it. David says he feels comfortable voting with the majority but Ken is turned off by Lucy’s comments, saying they’ve gone from “one dictator to another” after Paul’s leave.

Immunity Challenge

Millennials Survivor
The Millennials finished their word puzzle first won the immunity challenge in episode 4. Pictured: Players Michaela and Figgy. CBS

The tribes are told they must go through a series of obstacles to a chair. There, one player will be lifted and must retrieve numbered bags, which contain puzzle pieces. When all of the bags are obtained, the tribe must them solve a word puzzle using the pieces.

Gen X gets all of their bags first, but the Millennials follow closely behind. Jeff says “communication” is the key to winning the challenge, and the Millennials go with that strategy. After 45 minutes of trying to decipher the puzzle, the Millennials win.

Winner: Millennials

Who To Trust?

Chris says he’s worried about what will happen at tribal council and is hoping Lucy will be able to send Jessica home. Despite Lucy’s belief she has David and Ken on their side, Ken tells David he’s unhappy with Lucy’s treatment of them and wants her gone.

Ken decides to approach Jessica and tell her she’s on the chopping block, but she’s skeptical. When Jessica informs Lucy what she’s heard, Lucy tells her they’re voting out CeCe. Ken is shocked to learn that Jessica shared details of their talk. He goes on to tell Lucy he’s unhappy with her. Lucy later refers to him as a “snake” and accuses him of playing too emotionally.

David questions what to do at tribal council. He says the safe thing to do would be to vote out Jessica but doing so would put him back on the bottom of the tribe. He considers using his immunity idol on Jessica and says he’ll bring it along just in case.

Tribal Council

Chris says the state of the Gen X tribe is “complete chaos” and they need to figure things out. Lucy clarifies that the chaos is due to no one knowing who is going to vote for who and worries Ken made have gotten the numbers to vote her out. Jessica asks Ken if she should have trusted him completely and he says she should have.

Ahead of the vote reveal, David steps in front of the tribe and announces he’ll be playing his immunity idol to save Jessica, meaning all votes in her name will be void. Thankfully for him, his action was not in vain.

The vote reveals that Jessica would have been going home with five votes but because of David’s move it was Lucy that was voted off with two votes. CeCe also received one vote but was safe.

Voted out: Lucy, Gen X (as predicted)

Lucy Survivor
Lucy of Gen X was the fourth person voted off on “Survivor” Season 33. CBS

“Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.