Tai Trang Survivor
“Survivor” superfan Sia presented Tai Trang, pictured in episode 14 of “Kaoh Rong,” with a special gift during the reunion special Wednesday. CBS

“Survivor” fan favorite Tai Trang wasn’t named the sole survivor during the finale of “Kaoh Rong” Wednesday night, but he did walk away with some hefty recognition and a big cash prize. After host Jeff Probst revealed Michele Fitzgerald was Season 32’s winner, Tai joined his fellow castaways on CBS for a live reunion show, with a special guest making an appearance.

In an unimprovised bit, pop singer Sia appeared onstage alongside Jeff to praise Tai, a 55-year-old gardener from San Francisco. The “Chandelier” singer told the reality-television star she was moved by his love for animals — he famously adopted the cast’s chicken as a pet this season and named him Mark — and wanted to give him a parting gift.

“I could not let Tai go home without saying your authenticity and your care for animals really inspired me. And so I want to donate $50,000 to you, and I want to donate $50,000 to your choice of animal charity, and I just want to say thank you for showing America how to be kind to animals,” Sia said, receiving a standing ovation.

Sia explained she decided to give Tai the money after noticing Sprint did not give a monetary prize to a fan favorite last season. She said she was “too chicken” to help out her favorite player last year, Keith Nale, but had to honor Tai.

“It was a weird little journey for you, but I really think through it all it just showed your humanity,” Sia said, also praising Tai for admitting he was “scared” of the alliance between Scot Pollard and Kyle Jason during the final tribal council. “That’s powerful to admit the truth in that way, and I think you’re a teacher,” she said.

Tai said he was speechless, but thankful to Sia for helping him bringing awareness to animals and the planet. “Without the whole ecosystem, we will be doomed sooner than we think, we will be,” he said.

“This is why live television is still the greatest thing in the world because you truly don’t know what is going to happen,” Jeff said, calling Sia’s reunion cameo one of the “greatest” moments on the show.

Tai was an original member of the Beauty tribe on “Kaoh Rong.” He made it to the finale, but lost out to Michele, a fellow Beauty. He was in the final three with his longtime ally Aubry Bracco, a Brain castaway.

Watch Sia present her gift to Tai below:

“Survivor” will return to CBS this fall.