‘Survivor: Game Changers’
Sarah Lacina, 33, bested Brad Culpepper in “Survivor: Game Changers.” CBS

Survivor: Game Changers” host Jeff Probst recently shed light on something that has never happened on the hit reality TV show.

In the past couple of seasons, the members of the jury are asked to vote for who they think should end up in the finals and who they think should win. In “Survivor: Game Changers,” Probst asked the jury members about who their bets would be had Brad Culpepper not brought Tai Trang to the finale.

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The results of the poll revealed that there’s a tie between Brad and Tai. During the “Reunion” show, Probst told Brad that a tie is something that has never happened in “Survivor” history.

“This is something we’ve never talked about, but it’s a perfect time. Everybody asks, ‘What would you do in case of a tie at final Tribal?’ We would have had one you said, ‘You know what? I’m going to keep Tai and get rid of Sarah.’ We would have had a tie. It would have been 5-5. This is the rule. This is what would happen in a future season. The person who is not on the tie – so we have Brad with five and Tai with five – Troyzan, you go to the jury and decide the final vote,” he said.

Troyzan shared that he would have cast his tiebreaker vote in favor of Brad.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Probst’s explanation could certainly impact the future seasons of “Survivor” and how the members of the finalists will decide who to bring to the finale. But in the end, it was Sarah Lacina who actually won this season of “Survivor: Game Changers.” The 33-year-old police officer from Iowa was up against Brad.

Despite Brad’s impressive winning streak, he failed to impress the members of the jury because his social and strategic skills were questionable. At one point in the season, he tried to pressure Tai into giving him one of his hidden immunity idols, and the jury members were not pleased by what he did. He also made a huge mistake of bringing Sarah instead of Tai to the finals. Brad didn’t realize that Sarah was a more respectable player than Tai.