Dylan McTee as Nate, Eliza Bennett as Jules
“Sweet/Vicious” creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson gushed about Eliza Bennett and Dylan McTee’s performances in episode 7 of the MTV series. MTV

Last night’s episode 7 of “Sweet/Vicious” boldly showed the actual sexual assault that Jules (Eliza Bennett) experienced at the hands of Nate (Dylan McTee). The scene was definitely difficult to watch, so one can only imagine how hard it was for Bennett and McTee to film it. Despite the sensitive nature of the scene, Bennett and McTee both delivered an honest performance — something that series creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson didn’t fail to notice.

In a tweet, Robinson described Bennett’s performance as “breathtaking.” She, meanwhile, commended McTee’s performance by pointing out that his hateful role wasn’t easy to fill.

Taylor Dearden, who plays Ophelia on the MTV series, agreed with Robinson’s tweet about McTee being the “perfect Nate,” adding that the actor “is truly the kindest and sweetest guy ever” in real life.

Robinson also gushed about Bennett and McTee’s performances in an essay published on MTV News. “She handled everything with grace and poise and with every scene she finished I was more and more blown away not only by how talented she is but by how incredibly dedicated she was to telling this story and getting it right,” Robinson said of Bennett’s portrayal of Jules.

“Dylan McTee [meanwhile] had very hard shoes to fill playing Nate Griffin,” she continued. “He couldn’t be a more generous, loving, kind-spirited person, but on that day we filmed the assault he had to come into work, and he had to do something he himself felt was unthinkable to do to another person. Dylan wrestled with this role; he was caught between wanting to live inside the world of Nate and knowing that this character’s world is so wrong, so entitled, so ugly.”

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“Sweet/Vicious’” next episode airs on Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. Check out the synopsis for episode 8, titled “Back to Black,” below:

“Jules decides on a public takedown at a frat party and Ophelia, though unsure that it's a smart move, accompanies her.”