Taylor Dearden as Ophelia, Eliza Bennett as Jules
“Sweet/Vicious” creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson said that they would like to explore bullying and race issues in a potential Season 2 of the MTV series. MTV

MTV has yet to renew “Sweet/Vicious” for a second season, but the creator of the series, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, already has a list of story ideas she and her team would like to explore if the show gets picked up for another installment.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robinson said that they would like to tell a story about a gay sexual assault survivor if the show gets a Season 2 renewal. In fact, episode 3 of the show’s recently concluded Season 1 originally featured an LGBT survivor until they decided not to move forward with the storyline after realizing they couldn’t do the story justice.

“We kept trying to fit in this story of an LGBT character and survivor and what we found was, we don’t have enough time because there’s so much screen time going to Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) and their budding friendship because in episode 3, we’re just starting to get to know them together and we kept having to cut scenes,” Robinson said.

In addition to their plans for an LGBT survivor-centric episode, Robinson said that they would also like to explore stories about male sexual assault survivors, race issues and bullying in Season 2.

As for why they decided not to tackle several social issues all at once in the freshman run of the series, Robinson told The TV Junkies that their limited screen time prevented them from doing so. Furthermore, Robinson told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview that they were committed to telling Jules’ story, more than anything else, in the first season. “We wanted to make sure that we gave the audience something satisfying if we didn’t come back for a second season,” she said.

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