Eliza Bennett as Jules
“Sweet/Vicious” Season 1, episode 7 will show Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Nate’s (Dylan McTee) relationship before he sexually assaulted her. MTV

Next week’s episode of “Sweet/Vicious” is going back in time to show what kind of relationship Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Nate (Dylan McTee) had before he sexually assaulted her.

In a sneak peek for Season 1, episode 7, Jules recalls a memory from a year ago when everything was still fine between her, Nate and his girlfriend Kennedy (Aisha Dee). The flashback scene opens with Jules piggyback riding Nate as they arrive at Zeta Zeta Psi’s sorority house with Kennedy and Nate’s fellow Omega Theta frat man, Miles Forrester (Ethan Dawes). As seen in the video, Jules is clearly comfortable hanging out with Nate. She doesn’t even mind getting physically close with Nate in front of her best friend Kennedy.

In an interview with The TV Junkies, series creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson said that the upcoming episode will continue to focus on Jules’ sexual assault story. “In episode 7, we do a flashback and show you everything that happened,” she said. “We show you Nate before the assault, we show you the relationship between Nate and Jules before the assault, the assault and what happened after.”

Robinson also revealed that Nate “really shifts and turns into a villain” in the final three episodes of the season. “He chooses that path instead of taking the path of ‘I was wrong. I am so sorry.’ He does not go down that road,” she said.

In a couple of tweets after episode 6 aired last night, Robinson wrote that even though episode 7 is difficult to watch, it remains to be an integral part of Jules’ story.

And if fans are lucky, episode 7 may also include the very moment Jules decides to become a vigilante. Read Robinson’s response to a fan question below:

“Sweet/Vicious” Season 1, episode 7 airs on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. Check out the synopsis for the episode below:

“After Jules’ confession, she tries to pull herself out of her depression, and memories return during a bar crawl.”