• New Jersey police said an East Brunswick resident called after allegedly hearing screaming from their neighbor's home on Monday
  • The bodies of an 8-year-old girl, along with her father and uncle, were found dead from drowining in an above ground pool
  • Police did not say if foul play was suspected in the three deaths

New Jersey police on Tuesday confirmed they were investigating the deaths of three people, including one child, found in a resident's above-ground swimming pool.

“East Brunswick Police are actively investigating a scene where three people were found deceased in a pool,” East Brunswick Police Chief Frank LoSacco said in a public statement.

The bodies were found around 5 p.m. on Monday in the swimming pool of a home in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Police said a resident called after hearing screams from the neighbor’s home where the bodies were found, saying they believed someone had fallen off the house. When police arrived, they found the three bodies submerged in around four feet of water inside the above ground pool.

“All the deceased were taken out of the pool, CPR was done,” Lt. Frank Sutter said at a press conference Monday. “They were all pronounced dead in the backyard.”

Police said the victims were a 32-year-old woman, the woman’s 8-year-old daughter, and her 62-year-old uncle, but did not release their names. The cause of death was ruled to be drowning and police are not sure if anyone was involved in their deaths.

Another relative was found inside the house and interviewed by police, but police did not release details.

“This is a devastating day for our entire community. It is too early to determine exactly what happened,” Chief LoSacco said. “We are working with the Middlesex County Prosecutors office and will release information as it develops.”

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