Clive Standen as Bryan Mills
Bryan Mills (Clive Standen) and his team at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence are going to help an Israeli spy with early onset of Alzheimer’s in Season 1, episode 8 of “Taken.” Panagiotis Pantazidis/NBC

Bryan Mills (Clive Standen), Christina Hart (Jennifer Beals) and the rest of their team at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) are going to help an Israeli spy named Leah Wicker (Ayelet Zurer) in Season 1, episode 8 of NBC’s “Taken.”

According to the synopsis for the episode, the ODNI assists Leah when her own agency tries to kill her. It’s unclear why exactly Leah’s own agency is trying to eliminate her, but Bryan and Christina figure out that it may have something to do with her early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“They can’t know. No one can,” Leah tells Bryan and Christina of her illness in a sneak peek from the episode.

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But when Christina suggests that Leah’s agency may have already known about it from her doctor, the Israeli spy starts to understand why her agency is trying to get rid of her.

“If they know … then they want to retire me,” Leah says.

“With a bullet,” adds Christina.

“With the things I know from all the years of intelligence work, now they can’t take the risk of leaving me to [God],” Leah realizes. “And yeah, they want to do it here of all places now, and for it to look like an Iranian hit.”

Leah says she feels “so alone.” But Christina assures her she isn’t. “I was in car accident not long ago where I sustained a concussion,” Christina shares. “When I went to the doctor, she told me that I have a lump in my brain. … So you’re not alone. Okay?”

As viewers can remember, Christina underwent a brain scan in Season 1, episode 3 after she and Clara Ward (Claire Rankin) were attacked by William Davis in Season 1, episode 2. Her doctor said at the time that everything is fine except for a mass seen in her brain.

Meanwhile, also in episode 8, Bryan and Asha (Brooklyn Sudano) have an argument due to his trust issues. In the preview clip for episode 8, it seems that Bryan suspects that Asha is spying on him. “It’s gone too far, Bryan. I don’t feel safe here,” Asha tells her boyfriend.

“Taken” Season 1, episode 8 airs on Monday, April 17 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC. Watch the sneak peek and preview clip below: